CBBC(H.K CBBC ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNING CONSULTATION CO.,LTD)is an architecture designing organization focusing on architecture commodity. It has many elites within many places, such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Bangkok, working together across the same platform (www.cbbc.com.cn). For decades of years, CBBC has developed itself into a source sharing, efficiently communicating, fully cooperating and advantage completing Cooperation platform and offer architecture and Interior design service for large public business area or some famous corporation.

Wide horizon, specific Professions and creative designers are the priceless possession CBBC owned. Its designers always trying to make their work though different sight hence to achieve an impressive production. Further, to completely realize art, building technic and constructing details are also an essential point CBBC regarding.

Since a long period collaborating on many projects, create staff acquired a special and clear viewpoint. CBBC prefer a success production rather than a success design. Not only chasing the beauty but considering the cost aim brings CBBC an acceleration on modifying its production quality and brand value.

Since CBBC entered china market on 2000, it has undertaken amount of cases including hotels, office buildings, villas and emporiums.Relay on its valuable brand, international view and concept of development, with credibility, burden, beyond and chase idea, CBBC has achieved a good public praise and brand popularity, hence build up lots of close long period collaborating relationship.
Of course, CBBC will step further in China in the future. What important is not just the commercial collaboration, but to bring colors to this beautiful world.


CBBC 设计联盟是由来自境外港台资深设计师和中方设计师联合组成的设计联盟,在米兰、在香港、在深圳、在曼谷、在北京、在天津同时拥有设计团队,长期和国际著名的专业管理及设计顾问公司保持良好的合作关系,在一个高效而优秀的网络平台上协同工作。